About DDWS

The Dutch Debating Winter School is organised for the first time from December 19 till December 23 2016 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tilburg is the sixth largest city in The Netherlands, counting almost 200,000 inhabitants.

Trainers from all over Europe join to provide participants with the best workshops possible. These will vary depending on the level of the group the participant is in.

Participants are divided in three groups (it is always possible to switch throughout the week, some specific workshops are also likely to be open to participants from multiple groups):

  • Beginner: this group is intended for people who have been debating less than one year. The workshops given to this group will include introductions to British Parliamentary debating, specific role fulfillment, and argumentation. There may also be some workshops on public speaking.
    Note that people who have been debating very actively for one year already should not be worried in signing up for higher levels.
  • Intermediate: this group is intended for people who have been debating for more than one year, but are not as experienced to know more in-depth strategy and do not go to tournaments very often. The workshops provided will include more advanced debating strategy, such as more advanced summary speeches, and argumentation models, along with some more complicated tips and tricks.
  • Advanced: this group is intended for those who are well-versed in debating and that they know a lot there is to know about debating. The workshops given to this group will consider more case-specific analysis to be applied in debating, such as how to tackle motions on feminism or international relations.

Some workshops are exclusive to certain groups, but some are also open to all groups, so that people can choose which workshops suits their interests best. The specific workshops given will be announced at a later date.

See who the faces behind the Dutch Debating Winter School are here!

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