The Organisation

The organisation
Dutch Debating Winter School is an initiative set up by the Tilburg Debating Society Cicero. It is organised by two co-coordinators, along with a committee and volunteers.


Laura Verloop (co-coordinator)
LauraLaura is a Master student in Operations Research and Management Science at Tilburg University and the current secretary of T.D.V. Cicero. Before her Master’s, she did her Bachelor’s in Econometrics and Operations Research. Laura has only been debating for a short time, but has great joy in doing it. As such, she managed to break to the semifinals of the Lund IV as a judge. Outside of debating, Laura mostly enjoys walking, reading, and spending time with her friends.


Mike Weltevrede (co-coordinator)
MikeMike studies Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University and is the current vice chair of T.D.V. Cicero. In the field of debating, Mike has been active since high school but only started participating when he came to university. Being a member of T.D.V. Cicero he has had judge breaks at the Oxford IV, Maastricht Open, and the Bonapartian Debate Tournament. Besides debating, Mike likes to spend his time doing picture and video editing, playing video games, and cooking.


Jos Buijvoets (Founder and advisor)
JosJos studies Dutch Business Law at Tilburg University and is the founder and coordinator of a debate and trainer-training programme supported by the Tilburg Law School. He is also on the Dutch WUDC 2017 Org Com. He co-founded the international branch of T.D.V. Cicero, Het Groot Tilburgs Scholierendebat (a province-wide Schools competition), and Tilburg Student E-Sports Association Link. For two of these, he was awarded a grant for their innovativeness. As a debater, Jos has had breaks at UCL IV (ESL), IDAS, and DAPDI, the last of which also saw him being awarded best speaker.


Linde Kremer (External Affairs)
Linde2Linde is a first-year Bachelor student in Global Law at Tilburg University and will be the upcoming External Affairs Officer in the 26th board of T.D.V. Cicero. Linde has been debating for almost a year now and since then has managed to reach two Novice finals in consecutive tournaments. Besides debating, Linde is active at one of the university’s student parties and at one of Tilburg’s student associations. Because she is so busy with all of this, she does not have much free time. When she does, however, she likes to go kickboxing.


Joris Berns (Advisor)
JorisJoris was the treasurer, secretary, and vice chair of T.D.V. Cicero two years ago and is currently a member of the advisory board of the association. At the moment, he is finishing his degrees in International Business Administration and Psychology. Furthermore, Joris enjoys music, travelling, and sports. As an advisor to the Dutch Debating Winter School, he helps to fulfil the great potential that this event has!

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