Tilburg is easily accessible from all major airports in the Netherlands. We will give some directions on how to get to Tilburg from Schiphol, Rotterdam airport, and Eindhoven airport.

Firstly, however, we would advise you to buy a so-called ‘OV chip card’, which is a rechargeable card to be used for all forms of public transport in the Netherlands. You can buy one at Schiphol airport. For more information, please check this website.

Do check your journey yourself at all times on the website of the Dutch rail network ‘NS’ or on their mobile app. Maintenance to the tracks may be planned or an accident may have happened. This is immediately added to the journey planner were there to be problems. A second mobile app that we would advise you to download is called ‘9292’. This app is less up-to-date on changes in the train network, but it does allow you to plan journeys by bus as well. You can also access this journey planner via their website.

Trains leave from Schiphol from 6:03 AM onwards on Sundays and from 4:06 AM onwards on Mondays. These journeys do take a long time, though. If possible, we would advise you to arrive roughly at 3:00 PM on Sunday or 10:00 AM on Monday.

When arriving on Monday, the last train you can take from Schiphol to be at Tilburg University on time for certain is the 8:46 AM train as shown in the image to the right.

When arriving on Sunday, we will meet you somewhere in the city centre. This means that you will need to go to Tilburg’s central station. We are planning to hold the Tilburg city tour roughly around 3 ‘o clock, so this means that you can take the train at 1:18 PM at the latest.


Rotterdam Airport
From Rotterdam Airport, you first need to take a bus to Rotterdam Central Station. These buses leave every fifteen minutes. It would be easiest to check when the next bus leaves with the 9292 app.

When arriving on Sunday, make sure to take the 1:48 PM train at the latest, as depicted to the side.

When arriving on Monday though, you need to go to Tilburg University. Even though you only have seven minutes to change trains, this is easily doable since the trains leave from the same platform.






Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven is by far the best airport to be arriving at. Often the flight fares to Eindhoven are cheapest, as well as the train fares from Eindhoven to Tilburg. Moreover, it only takes twenty minutes to half an hour to get to Tilburg. Just as in the case of arriving at Rotterdam, you first need to take a bus to get to Eindhoven Central Station. This bus leaves irregularly though frequently. It would again be best to plan the journey with the 9292 app.

Since multiple trains departing from Eindhoven call at Tilburg, the schedule is somewhat irregular. Do plan your journey via the NS app or website. However, the last train you should be trying to take leaves around 2:15 PM.






When arriving on Monday, trains for Tilburg University leave every thirty minutes (at 21 and 51 minutes past the hour). The last train you should plan on taking is the 9:51 AM train.

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