The Dutch Debating Winter School will be organised in Tilburg. Tilburg is the sixth-largest city in the Netherlands – with over 200,000 inhabitants – and is primarily known historically for its textile industry. Presently, Tilburg is mostly well known for the La Trappe beer that is brewed here and the large amount of cafes offer you your daily dose of ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’ (the typically sociable atmosphere).

Tilburg in itself is well known for Pink Monday, taking place during the Tilburg Fair in July, the largest fair in the Benelux. Pink Monday was traditionally organised as a gimmick to celebrate brotherhood, specifically with the LGBT-community. An event typically prevalent in the southern part of the Netherlands as well is Carnaval, which usually takes place in February. Similar to the famous ones in for example Brazil, people dress up and party. In the Netherlands, however, these outfits are more silly in nature rather than beautifully designed masterpieces.


pink monday

The DDWS itself will be held on the Tilburg University campus. Tilburg University has a student population of about 12,000 students, about 10 percent of whom are international students. The institution has gained a reputation in both research and education. In the field of economics, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ranked #1 in Europe for the second consecutive time in 2007. Steadily, Tilburg University has been in the top 2 in means of economics in the Netherlands for the past three years. The Executive MBA program at the university’s TIAS School for Business and Society ranked #11 in the world according to the Financial Times. In the field of law, Tilburg University was ranked #1 in the Netherlands for the last three years according to Elsevier Magazine.


Tilburg University’s campus is a green and compact campus. All buildings are located in one area making it easy to access everything you need efficiently. Tilburg University has been working on becoming sustainable more evidently towards the students during the last couple of years. Outside working spaces have been installed with efficient water taps and electricity sockets, for example. If you want to take a video tour of the campus, you can click here.

TiU Campus

We are very happy that the university is cooperating with us to be an amazing host for the Dutch Debating Winter School.

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