What do we offer:

  • Two amazing workshops everyday.
  • One trainer for every eight persons, so personal attention is available.
  • Five debates during the training week with extensive feedback.
  • An awesome CA team during the tournament.
  • Either a stay in the hotel or crash for four nights.
  • Lunch and dinner for four days.
  • Amazing socials.
  • A great experience overall.

The prices of the options are the following:

  • Training week and tournament in the hotel:     220 Euros
  • Training week and tournament with crash:       100 Euros
  • Tournament only (speaker):                                     30 Euros
  • Tournament only (judge):                                         20 Euros

* A discount is possible for people who do not want to participate in the tournament, please contact us if this concerns you.
* Dependent on the number of participants, it may not be possible to offer hotel accommodation against a lower fare. However, it is still possible to book a stay in the hotel for a higher fare, this will be approximately 80 Euros more. If this is the case, we will contact you.


First of all, we would like to emphasise that it is possible to register only for the tournament or for the training week as a whole. However, it is not possible to register for the tournament and the training week separately with a stay in the hotel. The different options include either a hotel or crash from Monday till Friday (training week and tournament) or from Monday till Wednesday (training week only). For people only joining the tournament, crash will be offered. However, if you want to arrive earlier or stay later it is possible to arrange this with the hotel and probably with the crash host, but this cannot be guaranteed at this moment due to Christmas. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later please state this in the comment section of the registration form and we will contact you.  Note that breakfast is included with the hotel option, but not necessarily with the crash option. However, there are opportunities to buy breakfast at campus, either at the supermarket or at the restaurant.


So make sure you register soon here!

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