The workshops given at the Dutch Debating Winter School are given by very capable trainers, coming from various countries. On this page, we will tell you who these amazing people are.


Duncan Crowe

Duncan is a legendary name in debate land. He is a WUDC and EUDC Open Finalist, and has broken at 56 other tournaments, of which he has won eight, such as Warwick IV 2014, Hull Open 2015 and Istanbul Open 2015. On top of this, his judging achievements are nothing to sneeze at. Duncan has had 42 judge breaks, among which judging the WUDC 2016 Open Final. Lastly, Duncan was the CA at nine competitions, including the Scottish Mace 2015 and SOAS Open 2014. He is also the co-CA of the Scottish EUDC 2018. His abilities as a trainer are shown by his current position as the coach of the University of Vermont in the United States and his extensive background in coaching.


Nastia Grishkova

nastia-grishkovaAs a debater, Nastia has numerous breaks on her name. For example, she won the Kalliope Debating Tournament 2015 as well as the Cicero Debating Tournament 2014 and 2013 (pro-am final). She also reached the semifinals of the HSE Moscow Open 2015 and the Roosevelt Open 2015. On top of this, Nastia judged, among others, the finals of the Glasgow Pro-Am 2016, the semifinal of the Dutch Championships 2015 and the semifinal of the Leiden Open 2015. Nastia has shown extreme dedication to training the debating world. This is shown by her judging recorded debates for Cicero for almost one-and-a-half year now and providing excellent feedback, for example.


Victor Vlam 

Victor Vlam2Victor is a professional debate and communications coach, as well as one of T.D.V. Cicero’s honorary members. As a coach, he has trained many different people, including well known Dutch politicians. In 2007, he broke to the ESL semi finals at the WUDC in Vancouver under T.D.V. Cicero’s name, as well as many different tournaments in the Netherlands. Victor was also a part of Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Lastly, he is an analyst for Dutch media on the American elections and as such appears on television and in written media often to express his analyses.



Daan Welling

Daan Welling2Daan has been around for a while now as one of the most active debaters and CAs in many different countries, and for a good reason. Daan is a former EUDC ESL-champion, WUDC ESL-finalist, and WUDC Open Quarterfinalist. He has also won eight competitions including the Paris Open, the Leiden Open, and the Cambridge IV (ESL). He has extensive CA experience across Europe including the Manchester, UCL, and Trinity IVs. As a political science and education student Daan has unrivalled experience in the classroom, and has taught debating to hundreds of students, teachers, and professionals.


Milla Huuskonen

milla-huuskonen2Milla is one of the most, if not the most, active and successful Finnish debaters out there. As a speaker, she has had 14 breaks in total and is the champion of the Manchester IV (ESL) and the SSE Riga Debate Academy 2015. Milla has moreover broken as a judge at various competitions, such as at the Erasmus Rotterdam Open and TUT Open. She also was the (D)CA of 7 competitions, among which she will be the CA of the Helsinki Mini 2016. Moreover, she was the language officer of the Hull EUDC 2018 bid through which she wanted to minimise the impact of language barriers in judging. Milla’s experience as a trainer comes forth from her position as vice president and educational officer


Raluca Vacaru

raluca-vacaru2Raluca (better known as Ginger) spends most of her time being part of tournaments – speaking, judging, convening, and even tabbing. Since chairing a round at Vienna EUDC she broke as a judge multiple times, including at the Manchester IV, Cardiff Open and Imperial IV. She will be part of the CA team of the Southampton Open and SOAS Schools this year. As a speaker, Raluca is an ESL quarterfinalist of Warsaw EUDC, ESL finalist of Cambridge Women’s and Paris Open, and pro-am finalist of the Liverpool IV. She has also been coaching for a long time now – starting a debate club while she was still in high school, and continuing
at university as being a mentor for Debate Mate.


Bas Tönissen

Bas has broken at over twenty tournaments and won the Kalliope Debate Tournament 2015 and the Erasmus BP Tournament 2014, as well as the ESL Final of the SOAS IV 2012. In 2013 he represented the Roosevelt Debating Society in its first ever ESL Quarterfinal at both EUDC and WUDC. He has also broken as a judge at many competitions including the Dutch Championships, where he was DCA the year after, and the Berlin IV. Bas spent two years working as a fulltime trainer for Cogency, a Dutch company specializing in debate education, and has successfully trained thousands of young people across every level of Dutch education. Currently, he is doing a Research Master in Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews.

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